Collective Struggle for Community's Land, Pari Island, Jakarta

Indonesian Participatory Mapping Network Coalition

Pari Island/ Pulau Pari, 5o 50′ 20” – 5o 50′ 25” South Latitude and 106o 34′ 30” – 106o 38′ 20” East Longitude is located in Pari Village, Seribu Islands, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pari Island is a home for around 3,000 people with  main livelihoods are fisheries and from tourism.

Overlaps in Land Claim, the Community, the State and Companies

The area has been a space of land conflict for about 30 years. In the 1980s, two big investors claimed it for tourism plan development. Before the launch of the tourism plan, there had been conflicts in the area due to overlap of the community’s area with those identified in the state’s map as owned by companies, individual investors and the government.


Upon the launch of the tourism plan, the conflict escalated, and the community chose to use a participatory map to resist the capitalist forces and defend their land. Therefore, they create a participatory map in 2017. The map shows different zonations of the community map compared with the government map.



In the government map, the area referred to as sea tourism; means that the community cannot access the area. In contradictory, the community had been recognising the area as a cultivation zone that allowed them livelihood access. 



Local and national NGOs and many individuals supported the community in their fight. JKPP was among one of them. The supporters established a Forum to Save Pari Island and flag #savepulaupari.

The map made by the community (using GPS) with JKPP facilitation

The Protest

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The collectives submitted the participatory map to the Jakarta Government Institution (Food, Sea and Agriculture Provincial Office). In September 2021, we finally heard the final decision that officially recognised participatory community maps. The areas previously identified as Sea tourism is now recognised as cultivation zone.


This is a win for the community.


Members of the #Savepulaupari Forum are:

WALHI (Friends of the Earth National and Jakarta)
LBH Jakarta (Jakarta Legal Aid Institute)
KIARA (People Coalition for Justice in Fisheries Sector)
KNTI (Association of Indonesian Traditional Fishers)
JKPP (Participatory Mapping Network Coalition)
Solidaritas Perempuan (Women Solidarity)
Dompet Dhuafa
Individuals from different backgrounds: academicians, tourists, travellers, university students, artists (mural and music)


Please have a look at each organisation’s website to follow our work.

Archived news on Pulau Pari (from the different organisations) available here.

About JKPP

JKPP is an Indonesian NGO that work in community advocacy through the participatory map. It was established by a group of activists in 1996. It aims for community territorial jurisdiction through a community participatory map.

This contribution to Despite Extractivism is initiated by JKPP, with Dewi Sutejo and Muhammad Husen as the contact person for this contribution.

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