The exhibition and conversation will be evolving until the 26th September. You can start exploring here:

Welcome to the Extracting Us online exhibition and conversation which explores the political ecologies of extractivism across different geographical contexts from a feminist perspective. It builds on our experience of co-curating an exhibition focused on coal extraction in Indonesia in July 2019, where we started to articulate what a feminist approach to representing and performing understandings of extractivism might look like.

This exhibition extends this work, bringing together contributors responding to a call to join a collective exhibition at the Political Ecology Network (POLLEN20) conference in Brighton (UK) that has now moved online and takes place virtually from 22-25 September. Moving the exhibition online also responds to the need to continue critical conversations around the political ecologies of extractivism in and beyond the COVID-19 public health crisis.

The exhibition includes contributions from artists/activists/scholars working in contexts of extractivism around the world, and is accompanied by responses from artists-activists, scholar-activists, communities affected by extractive projects, organisations working to resist extractive contexts and visitors to the site. Contributors have also shared links to further information and invitations to get involved in solidarity actions. We hope these will develop ongoing conversations.

The works were all brought together through a unifying curatorial approach, while still doing justice to each individual contribution. This includes disrupting common spectacular aesthetics and ‘north-south’ narratives on extractivism and inviting visitors to make (sometimes unexpected) connections through work that explores how extractivism affects people and the environment, human and non-human experiences, and material conditions. We also think it is important to include narratives of resistance, showing agency rather than relying on pathos that might develop ‘us-and-them’ feelings.

In addition to inviting you to view each contribution, we thus juxtapose different contributions through six themes: care, agency, inter-generational (dis) connections, modes of engagement, scales, and temporalities. Each page will explain the theme in more detail, and we have chosen these for their potential to hold together contrasting ways of understanding, representing, or performing extractivism.

Finally, our feminist and ground-up approach welcomes work that adopts playful and everyday aesthetics, challenging more the ‘professional’ or ‘distanced’ feel of work often used in the spectacular representations of extractivism we are trying to disrupt.  

You can view our approach and the origins of the Extracting Us exhibition and conversation in the video below, which was prepared for the Extraction: Tracing the Veins virtual conference co-hosted by the Political Ecology Research Centre (PERC) at Massey University, New Zealand, and Wageningen University in the Netherlands, from June 29 – July 10, 2020.

Introducting Extracing Us for the Extraction: Tracing the Veins Conference

Transcript available here

The exhibition and conversation will be evolving until the 26th September. You can start exploring here:

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